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Dong Yeoun Kim


Born in 1963, Korea

Lives and works in Seoul Korea

Graduated from College of Fine Arts, Young Nam Univ.



-Colours of Life International group exhibition

  gallery FourLife_ Colombo SRI LANKA

-International Miniature art fest 2022 – 

 Gallery CHITRAK, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Dong Yeoun Kim’s Solo Exhibition : Distorted LandscapesⅡ

Gallery CAFORE

-Beauty of Life-Shenzhen International Illustrations Exhibition

 Shenzhen(Pingshan) CHINA

-Welcome Phuket international art exhibition 2021

 Vanich Legacy art gallery & Museum, Phuket Thailand



-First Jinan Art Biennale/ Harmo-Power 2020 

INTEGRATION ART - International ART Exchange Exhibition -

Jinan. CHINA​

Andaman International Art Workshop and Exhibition Krabi 2020, 

  Andaman Art Museum- Krabi ,Thailand​

-SEKAKI International arts+show / Vaccine

 KL city art gallery. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia

-Colours of Life

 The Art Pivot. Udaipur. INDIA​

-International Visual Art Exhibition

 Color n space. New Delhi. INDIA


-Chiangmai Art Connecting 2019

  La Luna Gallery, Chiang Mai. Thailand

- The 19th International Art Exchange Exhibition


- The international exhibition and workshop Hanoi Art Connecting 2019

  Hanoi, Vietnam​

- Belt and Road a Beautiful Hexian County View of Hexian by Artist from    

  Home and Abroad International Workshop n Art festival
  Hexian County. Anhui. China​

- Peaceful Golden Heritage1st International Watercolor Festival,  

  Yangon, Myanmar


- the 1st korean contemporary arts in uzbekistan 

  Gallery of Fine Art of Uzbekistan, Tashkent​

- Exhibition Exchange 2018 Between Vietnamese Artists and Other Asian Artist- Hanoi Vietnam​

- Love to all, Love to Art -City Palace Museum. Udaipur. India

   International Art Festival & Workshop- Udaipur. India​

- Paju Art Festival 2018-Peace & piece- Paju Art Bunker​

- Solo Exhibition -Galllery Zeinxeno. Seoul Korea​


- Face to Face- the Art Pivot- Jaipur. India​

- Yeongju 148 Art Square opening ceremony show


- The Vision Art Project Hamburg 2016- Hamburg. Germany​

- Art bridge- ARMA Museum - Indonesia. bali​

- Spring in yolyn am- Dong Yeoun Kim_ Solo Exhibition-Khalifa Gallery. seoul​

- Art bridge- Korea- Indonesia Art Exchange Project- Macart Museum. Korea​

- Great Integration Exhibitions Gyeongbuk Art- andong. korea


- Shanghai Art Fair 2015 (Shanghai Mir Gallery)​

- KIAF 2015 -Korea International Art Fair (KOEX)​

- Coexistence Art Exchange Exhibition Between


- Artist, Portrait of the Aesthetic Soul -KumBoseong Art Center, Seoul​

- Fountain Art Fair- 69th Regiment Armory, Manhattan, New York​


- 5th YIAF 2014 (Yeosu International Art Festival) _ Yeosu, Korea​

- Yeong Ju Art 2014_ Seoul, Korea


- Soaf (Seoul Open Art Fair)- Koex, Seoul​

- Exhibition of Children's Picture Book Illustration- Zero gallery, Seoul​

- Bank Art Fair 2013- Island Shangri-la (Hong Kong)


- Opening Exhibition of Mac Art Museum - Mac Art Museum​

- Solo Exhibition – Gallery Syo, Daegu (9. 1~9, 17)​

- Solo Exhibition – Gallery Godo, Seoul (9. 19~10. 2)​

- Exhibition of Children's Picture Book Illustration- Haslla Art Museum


- Solo Exhibition – Gallery TOPOHAUS​

- Exposition Speciale De 40 Artistes Coreens-Printemps Jaillissant

  Chapelle Saint-Louis de la Salpetriere-Paris, France


- 6th Exhibition ‘BEYOND’ – Gallery DADA, Busan.​

- 5th Exhibition ‘BEYOND' -Gallery Samduck, Daegu


- 4th Exhibition ‘BEYOND’ – TOTAL Museum, Seoul,​

- 4th Exhibition ‘BEYOND’–Taebaek Gallery, Daegu​

- Group ‘Bang Hyang’ Exhibition – dongadept Art Gallery, Daegu​

-​ 4 Persons Exhibition_ Maeil ​Newspaper Gallery, Daegu​


- 14th Seoul Contemporary Art Festival – arko art center, Seoul​

- 5th New Direction –Yoon Gallery, Seoul​

- Exhibition  June,s Dream - Gallery THAT, Daegu​

- Gallery DOLL open show - Gallery DOLL, Seoul​

- Daegu Independent Artist league - Taebaek Gallery, Daegu​

- Exhibition ‘4 person’ - The Maeil Shinmun Gallery, Daegu


- Solo Exhibition – Gallery THAT, Daegu​

- 2nd Exhibition BEYOND’ – Maek Hyang Gallery, Daegu


- The open show of Gallery THAT - Gallery THAT, Daegu​

- ​February's Meeting​ _Taebaek Gallery, Daegu ​​

- ​Exhibition​ '​Deul'_SOUCK Gallery,​ Seoul​​

- 1st Exhibition BEYOND’ – Taebaek Gallery, Daegu


- ​Winter's RAM Exhibition​_ Soo Gallery​

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